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This quiz has 10 questions, each question may have more than one option correct and carries negative marks.Highest marks you can get is 40.Lowest marks you can get is -25.Each question has 4 marks. For each incorrect option in a question you receive -1 and for each correct you receive marks according to question (single or multiple answer). Time allotted is 4min. You may submit it before time or time will end automatically. Timer will start when you click Start. Good luck

  1. What will be the output of the following circuit. Assuming the OPAMPS and RC filters are ideal and each stage does not have any loading on the other stages.Given , 1/RC=w, V1 = 5Sin(wt), V2 =10Cos(3wt), V3 = 15Sin(5wt).
    1. -10Cos(3wt)+15Sin(5wt)
    2. +10Cos(3wt)-15Sin(5wt)
    3. -5Sin(wt)
    4. 5Sin(wt)

    5. Your answer is:

  2. We know that class B amplifiers with complementary push pull BJTs are used widely used for high currents and hence high power output. The BJTs used there are configured as

    1. Common emitter
    2. Common base
    3. Common collector
    4. Emitter follower

    5. Your answer is:

  3. Which one is a pair of passive and active elements respectively?

    1. Speaker, Phototransistor
    2. Photodiode, Inductor
    3. npn bjt , MOSFET
    4. NTC, JFET

    5. Your answer is:

  4. MPU6050 and MAX30100 are respectively

    1. Acclerometer and Pulse oximetric sensor
    2. Gyroscope and Pulse oximetric sensor
    3. Pulse oximetric sensor and pressure sensor
    4. Pulse oximetric sensor and light sensor

    5. Your answer is:

  5. Which one is/are true for a FPGA?

    1. FPGAs scale better than CPLDs
    2. An FPGA logic cell a consists of a 4-input LUT, a full adder, and a D-type flip-flop.
    3. FPGA contains Programmable AND plane and Programmable OR plane
    4. If you need just a little logic the FPGA can be a less expensive option

    5. Your answer is:

  6. Suppose an audio engineer builds up an amplifier of gain 60dB. But his boss tells him to further increase it to 95dB.So he plans to cascade another amplifier to achieve that. The gain of that amplifier that should be cascaded must be

    1. 25
    2. 35
    3. 56
    4. 60

    5. Your answer is:

  7. Which one is/are true for an OPAMP?

    1. Low input impedance , high CMRR
    2. High output impedance , high slew rate
    3. High slew rate, high CMRR
    4. High bandwidth, low slew rate

    5. Your answer is:

  8. You are given a task to generate an Under-damped sinusoid in MATLAB. What functions will you use for this task?

    1. Sine, log
    2. Exp, Tan
    3. Cos, log
    4. Exp, Sine

    5. Your answer is:

  9. #include
    void dynamic(int s, ...)
    printf("%d ", s);
    int main()
    dynamic(2, 4, 6, 8);
    dynamic(3, 6, 9);
    return 0;

    1. 2 3
    2. 4 6
    3. 3 2
    4. 2 6

    5. Your answer is:

  10. Which of the following is/are not a framework of Javascript

    1. Angular
    2. Django
    3. Selenium
    4. React

    5. Your answer is:

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